The Brussels Newsroom is a collective project and Brussels is our main source of inspiration. The content featured in the Brussels Newsroom includes contributions from the following authors:


Donatas Baltrusaitis

Donatas is a researcher, urban planner and game developer. Donatas merges theory into action and process through city gaming, international workshops and conferences. He develops complex urbanism projects with a focus set on sustainability, circular economy and community building, works for the team of BUUR (Bureau voor Urbanism). In parallel Donatas is also a founder of BAU (Baltrusaitis Architecture Urbanism) and a member of LUIT (Lithuanian Organization for Urban Innovation)

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Brussels many-face God: On contemporary discourses of urban planning and the lessons learned from Jesus


Elise Candry

Elise is an architect based in Brussels. In 2014 she wrote a master paper about urban activism in Brussels within the series ‘Towards an Atlas of the Commons’, with Lieven De Cauter as mentor. Her interest in urban public space brought her to the practice of landscape architecture, currently working at the Brussels landscape office Bureau Bas Smets.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Green in popping-up!


Lieven De Cauter

Lieven is a philosopher, art historian, writer and activist. He has written and edited numerous books including: The Capsular Civilization: On the City in the Age of Fear; Heterotopia and the City: Public space in a Postcivil society and Art and Activism in the Age of Globalization. As an activist, he initiated the BRussels Tribunal on the war in Iraq and is a co-founder of Platform for Liberty of Expression. He teaches at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Leuven University, the Media School RITS and the Berlage Institute.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Brussels as a shopping center and occupied city: a clash of two cities


Pieter Dumoulin

Pieter Dumoulin is a film maker and photographer graduated in 2012 at the School of Arts in Ghent as Master in the Audiovisual Arts.  His films includes Helena (2012), De Reconstructie (2016) and the feature film Etangs Noirs (currently in post production). Since 2009 Pieter has been working with Tibaldus, a theatre company founded by Timeau De Keyser, Simon De Winne and Hans Mortelmans. Pieter photographs and films their shows during rehearsals and tours.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

In search for urban narratives, a visual inquiry for the film “Etangs Noirs”


Jean-Luc Feixa

It has been 15 years since Jean-Luc Feixa first travelled with a camera in his hand. As a daily spectator, he likes to let his gaze at the mercy of “mundane scenes” until identifying the anecdote that will transform the pallor of the anodyne into a beautiful picture. Former journalist, Jean-Luc Feixa now lives in Brussels where he works as a press officer.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

My public window


Rossella Locatelli

Rossella is an architect and landscape designer passionate about history of fashion and applied arts; her interest lies in constructing narratives around objects, often as evidence of women’s lives lived and identity. Rossella is founder of the Milan based architecture practice AOUMM – Argot ou La Maison Mobile and section editor of Shht, the magazine of untold architecture.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Brussels paths: Inspiring future(s)  //  Brussels paths: Brusselization  //  Brussels paths: A modern capital  //  Brussels paths


Adrian Hill

Adrian is a researcher, designer and planner in the broadest sense.  He is interested in processes and tools for transversal planning: connecting economic, spatial and participatory dimensions of complex problems or projects.  Adrian has worked in projects involving urban scale sustainability, mobility, agriculture, eco-systems planning, renewable energy networks, housing, urban density, industry and material cycles. Adrian is a co-founder of the OSMOS Network.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

The Brussels Piétonnier: stuck in motion


Léopold Lambert

Léopold is an architect, writer, editor, and pod-caster based in Paris and New York.  In 2010, he wrote the book Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence that examines the inherent characteristics of architecture that systematically makes it a political weapon in general, and also more specifically in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Leópold is the editor-in-chief of The Funambulist, a digital and printed bimestrial magazine dedicated to examine the politics of space and bodies.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

From heavy policing to gentrification: How journalists, politicians, the police and developers work alongside in Molenbeek


Diego Luna Quintanilla

Diego is an architect and urban designer with a sharp eye for the politics of space.  Diego is currently involved in a vast range of high profile and complex regional and urban projects in Brussels and Flanders as part of the team of BUUR (Bureau voor Urbanism). In parallel Diego collaborates with NGO’s and cultural organizations in Brussels, following participation,  transversal planning and cultural projects.  Diego is founder of Cakri cultural projects and editor of the Brussels Newsroom.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Molenbeek’s fifteen months of fame // La Fiera, a photo essay about la Foire du Midi  //  Tale of two cities and other spaces  //  An anonimous iconography for the capital of Europe  //  The Brussels’ human landscape  //  The public space is not a garage: an interview with Gerben Van den Abbeele  //  Sous les pavés, le train: an interview with Stéphane Damsin  //  Picnicking in the street  //  Brussels paths: Expired Future(s)  //  Portrait of an absent river  //  Holy Sh*t! my toilet is my temple  //  Meeting around the corner, 24 summer evenings of football  //  A parking with a view


Sedaile Mejias

Sedaile is a researcher, urbanist and architect specialized in Human Settlement and Strategic Urbanism. She has developed her practice as architect and urban designer working in projects of different scales and in close collaboration with NGO’s, Cultural Associations and Academic Institutions in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. She has a strong interest in the practice of landscape design as a medium for integration between different cultural communities. Sedaile is founder of Cakri cultural projects and editor of the Brussels Newsroom.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

An anonimous iconography for the capital of Europe  //  The public space is not a garage: an interview with Gerben Van den Abbeele  //  Sous les pavés, le train: an interview with Stéphane Damsin  //  Timeless heroes  //  Picnicking in the street  //  Portrait of an absent river  //  Brussels paths: Inspiring future(s)  //  Brussels paths: Expired Future(s)  //  Brussels paths: Brusselization  //  Brussels paths: A modern capital  //  Brussels paths



non_O is an architecture and research practice founded by Jonathan Robert Maj. It Engages in Architecture, Design and Research projects. Unraveling through private commissions, competitions, publications and exhibitions, it explores scale and programmatic limits. With exclusion as a methodological pattern, it visualizes contemporary and contextual scenarios, that uncover necessity through beauty.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

-350 The cemetery of Laeken and its underground galleries (in collaboration with Michiel Van der Loos)


Dani Oshi

Dani is a Brussels based Venezuelan photographer, life observer and urban explorer. He enjoys documenting every day life in the streets. Currently working as a freelance photographer, he uses his free time for learning more about photography and shooting in the streets trying different techniques. Dani is the founder and editor of  the street photography platform and founding member of Cakri cultural projects.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

La Fiera, a photo essay about la Foire du Midi  //  The Brussels’ human landscape


Hakan Simsek

Hakan was born in Brussels in 1978. He completed a Masters Degree from the Computer Sciences department of University of Brussels. In 2010, he became involved with photography and hasn’t put down his camera since. After winning some competitions, he gained confidence and started working on personal long-term projects. In 2015/2016 he took a one-year masterclass with Klavdij Sluban and Nestan Nijaradze in Paris. In 2016 Hakan was double awarded in the first edition of the Brussels Street Photography Festival

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Inside Landscapes, an intimate portrait of Schaerbeek



Traumnovelle is a militant faction founded by three Belgian architects: Léone Drapeaud, Manuel León Fanjul and Johnny Leya. Traumnovelle uses architecture and fiction as an analytical, critical and subversive tool to emphasize contemporary crises and dissect their resolutions. Traumnovelle alternates between cynicism and enthusiasm all the while advocating for critical thinking in architecture.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

WTC Culture Palace, an architectural fiction story


Laurens Van der Cruyssen

Born and raised in chaotic Brussels, Laurens is trained as a social psychologist and neuroscientist. Being specially interested  in the social phenomena occurring in urban settings, Laurens often collaborates with urban collectives in various citizen projects and public space interventions. He also likes eating at dodgy restaurants.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Who do you trust? The urban psychology of Brussels after the lockdown.


Thomas Willemse

Thomas Willemse is an urbanist and engineer-architect with experience in landscape architecture. His practice spans the different fields but always starts from a fascination for the city and its landscape. In this way his successive projects always give a ‘lens’ on cities through the interpretation and envisioning of a design proposal. This fascination for the urban, social, architectural, … particularities of cities are often also translated into his more abstract graphic illustrations using different media and techniques.

Contributions to the Brussels Newsroom:

Fringes, an illustration series by Thomas Willemse


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Cover photo by Lillo Mendola